It was 1942 when, from the window of his house in Prati district, Giacomo Balla captured the Ercoli shop in his wonderful painting “La fila per l’agnello”(the line for the lamb). A future set in stone as one of the best delis in Rome, this same shop, born in 1928 in Via Montello in Rome, has served as the crossroad for romantic palates, hunters of new tastes, hungry travellers, curious passerby’s and loyal clients for the past thirty years. Ercoli crosses geographical borders with a careful selection of products. It is this very shop that doubles its address today with a new addition in viale Parioli.
7 days a week, from 9am to 1am (Friday and Saturday to 2am), a shop which offers clients a selection of excellent, the possibility to eat at the restaurant or to have a drink.