Ercoli at your service

While the location may be new, the menu at Ercoli Trastevere follows our tradition of featuring the same products on our shelves as in our restaurant’s dishes, ensuring the chef uses exceptional ingredients and that our clients shop quality goods.

With 700 square meters of floor space, Ercoli Trastevere has plenty of room to show its spirit, with a deli counter, cheese case, gastronomy corner, fish shop, restaurant, cocktail bar as well as the new bakery with breads and pizzas, a large coffee bar with a variety of blends, a grocery corner with spices, legumes and grains as well as a chocolate shop.

As soon as you step through the door, you’ll feel like you’re in an elegant covered market, with several counters spread out through the shops three areas, each offering the professional assistance of gastronomes, bakers, barmen, deli experts, and—obviously—our chefs, working in plain view thanks to the kitchen in the dining area.

In Trastevere, as in the other two shops, our shelves line the walls and take center stage, offering pasta, rice, oil, preserves, pickled goods, cookies, coffee, wine, beer, chocolate, liqueurs, herbal teas, and jams.

At the main entrance at Via Giggi Zanazzo 4, customers are welcomed by scents wafting from the bakery, serving up bundt cakes, plumcakes, cookies, croissants, sandwiches, bagels, salads and the café, which offers coffee lovers blends from MOGI, fine coffees—often part of the Slow Food movement—from Central and South America and Africa, with unique features and supply chains that promote biodiversity, biodynamic agriculture and fair trade.

In the back of the room lies the seafood corner with raw fish, tartare and shellfish as well as anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea, Norwegian salmon, wild Alaskan salmon fished by hook, three types of caviar, creamed cod, oysters (including are Gillardeau and Tarbouriech, symbols of French excellence).

Passing under an arch, you’ll then find the deli counter, with 10 meters of showcases overflowing with treats from Italy and beyond with nearly 100 salamis, hams, coppe, culatelli, mortadelle, bresaola, soppressate, sausages and speck. Following are four meters of cheese counters housing nearly 200 different products, a true declaration of love for Italian and French dairy as well as English and Spanish varieties.

Lastly are the grocery and chocolate counters for those in search of spices, salts, dried fruit, legumes, seeds, rice, and teas as well as chocolate bars and pralines including Leone and their raw line, Gobino, Colzani, Audere, Venchi and so much more.

What was once the stage of a historic theatre remains true to its roots in its new role: the Drink Theatre.

From happy hour to after hours, the location offers classic cocktails alongside a small menu that revolves around Tini philosophy: drinks shaken and served in a V cup in Martini Cocktail style, using classic spirits such as vodka and gin. The 6 Tini on the menu are a twist on the classics using fruit, spices, coffee and chocolate, like the Amber Tini, mixed with tequila, lime, liquor or the Ancho Reyes with agave syrup, habanero chili and licorice, or the Coral Tini: vodka, Jefferson, a vanilla black tea infusion, Campari and lemon juice.


The restaurant

Watch our chefs at work through a large window in the dining room that opens onto the kitchen. Our menu is inspired by Italian heritage and traditions, putting genuine products on your plate (and in your shopping bag!)
Thanks to the presence of a Josper, a special machine between a grill and an oven that ensures revolutionary meat cooking, we feature dishes such as: Sashi steak, Hanami steak, filets of Canadian beef, Prussian ribeye, Nebrodi rolls, and Danish cube rolls.