banco con salumi

All in the name of taste

Since 1928, Via Montello 26 has been the home of a historic bottega, and now to gastronomy 3.0. The grocery shop, which underwent renovations in 2016 without betraying its roots as a neighborhood store, has spread its wings to become an international deli, characterized by carefully selected products from both large and small (but must-try) companies hailing from Italy and around the world. Thanks to the renovations, our kitchen became a real restaurant and ambassador of Italian cuisine.

Anything you can buy from our shelves you can try at our restaurant.

At Ercoli, quality reigns. We only source the very best products, from deli meats to cheeses, fish and more, to ensure our chefs’ dishes are second to none while allowing them to create flavorful dishes of the day with new arrivals.

Charlie Bar: the highlight of our drink corner.

During the nineteenth century, Charlie was the term used to refer to those who indulged in luxuries in every way imaginable. Champagne, naturally, was at the top of their lists. We drew inspiration from this name for our bar, where champagne features in several cocktails. Naturally, our drink list includes the classics and cocktails crafted by professional bartenders.