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The Ercoli brand has been synonymous of research and quality for over 80 years, for some unique products.

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Champagne e cocktail bar

Ercoli Prati

Ercoli 1928 is a shop where foodies, restaurateurs and demanding palates can find satisfaction. Its position in the Prati district of Rome has made it famous as one of the best stocked centers of delicatessen of the city. After a deep restyling (new opening May 2017) Ercoli Prati changed its face completely from the historical shop, once more in line architectonically with the shop of viale Parioli. The quality and research remains the same as always. Its selection that has made Ercoli considered one of the best delicatessen of Italy since 1928.

A shop that is open to the public 7 days a week, from 8am to 12am (Friday and Saturday till 1am). A place to do your groceries, eat in at the restaurant or have a drink at the Charlie bar. On show on our shelves, in our cold stores and at our deli counters customers will find the products of unknown but unfailing Italian companies. Not only these but also the stock products coming from beyond our national regions, have the “hunters of good taste” that make up the Ercoli team excited.

scaffali alimentari e bancone aperitivo
particolare sedie ristorante
enoteca e tavoli per mangiare e aperitivo
ristorante pranzo e cena

The Project

Treats from around the world for all the lovers of food and wine.

Entering a large deli with kitchen, customers will be able to eat or do their groceries, between cured meats, cheese, soaked fish, caviar and gravies. All of this surrounded by restaurant tables and shelves that exhibit canned goods, sott’olio, gravies and wine.

gastronomia crostacei e crudi di pesce