A cuisine made up of simple concepts

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The Ercoli brand has been synonymous of research and quality for over 80 years

Vermouth Cocktail Bar

A bar corner designed to celebrate the Vermouth in its historical form and in its more contemporary appropriation to remind of its important role in fine drinking

Ercoli Parioli

A shop that is open to the public 7 days a week, from 9am to 1am (friday and saturday: to 2am). A place to do your groceries, eat at the restaurant or have a drink at the Vermouth bar. On show on our shelves, in our cold stores and at our deli counters customers will find the products of unknown but unfailing Italian companies. Not only these, but also the stock products coming from beyond our national regions, have the “hunters of good taste” that make up the Ercoli team excited.

ristorante con scaffali per la spesa
gastronomia con selezione di formaggi
Vermouth bar con aperitivi

The Project

Something more than a delicatessen shop and something more than a simple restaurant. Entering a large deli with a kitchen, customers will be able to eat in as well as purchase delicacies to enjoy in the comfort of their home.

A classic yet cosmopolitan Italian place, a “transversal shop” capable of satisfying the needs of different occasions within one single space. From morning to night, Ercoli can keep a crowd satisfied by drawing the curiosity of the more needy palates and satisfying refined gastronomes by tempting them with our selection of cured meats, cheeses, smoked fish, caviar and gravies. All of this, surrounded by restaurant tables and shelves that exhibit conserve, sott’olio, gravies and wine. Passing through the library space one can reach the Vermouth bar. Then, on the ground floor, a small room dedicated to a 14 seat social table. Our recipe does not leave any space for improvisation; it has been thought up to satisfy everyone, from the workers to the clients passing through. Our formula is structured to ensure a high level of quality.

scaffale enoteca
tavoli per mangiare a pranzo e a cena
saletta riservata per degustazioni o cene di lavoro
cocktail bar
tartare di manzo con uovo
ercoli parioli pasta gastronomia

A tour not to be missed

You enter through one door and exit through another; passing through tables, shelves, counters, windows and bars. You are welcomed by gastronomes and sommeliers that take you on a tour of smells, tastes and curiosity. This is the way the architect Roberto Lioni imagined Ercoli to be, right from the start.

Without feeling limited on behalf of the clientele, the architect Roberto Lioni thought up a space capable of modifying itself. The main idea was to create a space that gave clients the feeling of moving around a small market; a place to shop, browse and stop for a bite. The 200msq of space are split between 3 rooms. These host the delicatessen, the shop shelves, the tables of the restaurant, the wine bar and the Vermouth bar. Flippable fold out tables placed everywhere have been designed to allow the spaces to change according to the time frames and specific needs. It is possible to eat at the table, as well as by the cold stores; served directly from behind the deli counter, or sat on a pied-de-poule monochromatic tartan stool. Two of the rooms – the deli and the wine bar – are separated by a wooden fenestration, creating the illusion of an outside space. An indoor winter garden lit up by a giant skylight hosts the wine bar. The skylight of the vermouth bar is characterized by a wind turbine. The chevron pattern parquet in durmast wood accompanies the black and gold of the deli shop, the petrol green of the Vermouth Bar and the sage colour, which prevails in the whole space. On the ground floor, a cozy room hosts the social table for clients who require more privacy and are offered the pleasure of observing the kitchen work through two large windows.

ercoli parioli dolci

Ercoli's numbers

200 sqm divided into three rooms
17 m of deli counter
126 m exhibit of high quality produce
1 wine bar “diffused” throughout
400 bottles between wine, champagne and Vermouth
207 m of shelves (4 times the perimeter of a tennis court)
1 restaurant room
80 seats
1 small social room
1 vermouth bar